Pictured from left to right: Steve Carey, Executive Director, NTEA; Michael R. Stoeckel, Director of Aftermarket Sales, J.W. Speaker; and Jason S. Meyers, Senior Sales Manager, J.W. Speaker.

J.W. Speaker Wins Safety Product Award at NTEA Work Truck Show

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J.W. Speaker Corporation won ‘Most Innovative Safety Product’ award at The Work Truck Show® presented by NTEA, held March 6–9 2018, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The products were selected from a field of more than 150 eligible products entered through The Work Truck Show New Product Spotlight and New Product Media Guide programs. The winners of the Innovation Awards at the Show were deemed most innovative by a panel of trade media editors and truck fleet managers.

The Most Innovative Safety Product - Model 8910 Evolution 2

The Model 8910 Evolution 2 is a 5″ x 7″ LED headlight with an integrated lens heater to melt snow and ice buildup. Our SmartHeat® technology automatically de-ices the surface of the lens, keeping the headlights clear and providing improved visibility for safer driving. This intelligent system reacts to temperature changes on a real-time basis with no action required by the driver.

The headlight also features Dual Burn® technology that combines the high and low beam to provide the driver with both widespread visibility along with a powerful punch of light down the road. Designed to comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed 5-star rating for safety lighting systems, the Model 8910 Evolution 2 headlight is rugged enough to protect against water infiltration from steam cleaning or high-pressure washing.

Model 8910 Evolution 2

  • Easy plug & play installation for standard 5″ x 7″ buckets
  • Dual Burn® high beam optics for extra punch of light
  • Meets proposed NHTSA guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight
  • Street legal supporting DOT, Transport Canada ECE and Military standards & requirements
  • Available in black or chrome bezel

Be Safer In The Snow

J.W. Speaker offers a full line of heated LED lights with SmartHeat® technology. Winter weather can cause snow and ice build up on the outside of lights, reducing visibility. This creates a dangerous situation not only for you, but to others as well.

With SmartHeat technology, each light is designed to automatically de-ice the surface of the lens. Products with SmartHeat provide peace of mind during cold and snowy conditions by maintaining your ability to see and to be seen. Don’t compromise your safety in inclement weather, invest in SmartHeat heated LED lights!


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