Troubleshooting your Light

If you're experiencing a problem with one of our products, we strongly recommend that you first troubleshoot your light. J.W. Speaker does not sell or warranty ANY products on Amazon, eBay, or any 3rd party marketplace.

We’d like to think that every light we build is perfect. It’s certainly our goal. In fact, the vast majority of our lights are still in the field doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. But even with our high quality, there are going to be occasional problems. We stand behind our products and if you have an issue we will make things right.


The problem is, we get a lot of returns where the lights are okay and operate as intended. That means wasted time, effort, and money for everyone! We’d like to show you a few things you can check before you return a product to help determine if it’s a warrantable issue or not.

Follow the Steps in this Video

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Faulty Operation

Please note that reported failures are often the result of issues unrelated to our products. A returned product that is found to be functioning properly results in unnecessary costs to our customers—in both shipping and time. Before requesting a return under warranty, please take a few simple steps to ensure that the problem you are experiencing is the result of a faulty lamp.


Light will not operate:

Light flickers:

If the above tests continue to point to a faulty lamp, please reach out to your authorized dealer to start the Warranty Process.

Condensation vs. Water Ingress

It is important to understand the difference between water ingress and condensation.


Condensation is common in all LED lights and is not a warrantable condition. More favorable weather conditions or heat from the light should evaporate any condensation that may form.


Pooling water and large droplets are indications of ingress and are warrantable—provided the ingress is not a result of abuse or misuse.


Learn more about the difference between condensation and water ingress.


If you have determined the problem to be ingress, please reach out to your authorized dealer to start the Warranty Process.

Warranty Process

We’ve structured our aftermarket business to empower the local dealers so they can provide the most effective level of support possible. If you have gone through the troubleshooting above and still find your light to be faulty, please contact your authorized J.W. Speaker dealer where you purchased the product to start a warranty claim.


STEP 1. Take your light with receipt, back to your authorized J.W. Speaker dealer where you purchased the product.


STEP 2. Include any notes or photos of your recent troubleshooting regarding warrantable issue. The more information we receive, the faster the warranty claim will be processed.


Find the terms of our product warranty online at

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