Our Adventure to the Rubicon Trail

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Sitting in the Sierra Nevada, the beautiful and daring Rubicon Trail has the highest difficulty rating at level 10! It is the only such trail that has this most difficult rating recommended due to Rubicon Trail’s steep hill and extreme rocks crawling.

We traveled to the Rubicon Trail along with Jeep Jamboree USA to see what it was all about.

August 10th – Registration Day

The 20th Anniversary Rubicon Trail event started with registration in Georgetown, CA, welcoming and meeting everyone at the event. We brought exclusive J2 Series stickers and T-shirts to hand out, and were excited to see how many folks were running their J.W. Speaker lights!

August 11th - Breakfast and Rubicon Trail

We met up bright and early near the registration site for breakfast before heading out to the trail. We traversed through iconic spots and obstacles like the Granite Bowl, Buck Island Lake and Big Sluice Box before camping for 3 nights at the Rubicon Springs.

August 12th - Rubicon Springs

After a long day on the trail Friday, we arrived at the Rubicon Springs camping site. It marked the halfway point of the Rubicon Trail journey. On Saturday, we spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sights of the springs, the trees, the mountains and all of the Jeeps! We ended the day with a bonfire, a requirement for any camping experience!

August 13th – Final Trek to Lake Tahoe

Refreshed and readied, we packed up the campsite at the Rubicon Springs and rolled out to finish our trek to Lake Tahoe. The famous obstacle, Cadillac Hill, is a steep ascend with rocks, roots and boulders to cross that leads to the observation point. At the top of the hill, we got out to enjoy an awesome view of the Sierra Nevada mountains. After a short break we continued through a long dirt road to Lake Tahoe marking the end of the Rubicon Trail.

We would like to thank our sponsors from Nemesis Industries, Teraflex, Maxxis Tires, WARN Industries and SPOD for their equipment that helped us get through the difficult terrain of the Rubicon Trail.

We were excited to join in the fun at the 20th Anniversary Rubicon Trail with old and new friends. We are surely to return again next year.

J.W. Speaker Jeep Rubicon Trail

Our Jeep includes the full J2 Series LED lighting upgrade, including the Model 8700 EVO 2 Dual Burn headlights, Model 6145 fog Lights, and Model 234 turn signal lights.
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