J.W. Speaker Tackles Jobsite Lighting & Introduces LED Compact Work Light Family

GERMANTOWN, WI – June 1, 2022 – J.W. Speaker, known globally for manufacturing high-performance LED technology, today announced its new LED Compact Work Light Family. These work lights are designed for the harshest working conditions, providing crucial illumination that improves the safety, productivity, and comfort of workers. The lights are suited for agriculture, construction, mining, and even off-road environments.

“Dark, harsh work environments need better illumination to meet the demands for safety and productivity. But the biggest obstacle is the operating conditions that are within these tough and sometimes unforgiving workspaces, which is a unique set of challenges for workers, as changes in weather and lighting conditions are a daily occurrence,” said Tim Speaker, co-president at J.W. Speaker. “These lights will stand out in the industry because of their compact size and high lumen output. Rated for wear, rated for water, these LED lights allow any crew to stay active, productive, and safer at all hours, in any weather.”

The lighting family includes three new models: the 792, 892 and 893. They can be used together, or individually, to create customizable illumination for any work site:

  • Model 792 LED Compact Work Light is engineered for bright brightness in tight spaces. The 3”x4”, low-profile design of the work light combined with its 2,000 lumens provides an ideal lighting option for agricultural, construction and industrial vehicles. This durable light is available in both pedestal and panel mount options to fit a large variety of applications. Increase productivity by replacing inferior halogen lights with the Model 792 Compact Work Light.

  • Model 892 LED Compact Work Light takes illumination to the next level. This pedestal-style, 4”x4” LED light projects an incredible 3,800 lumens for forward lighting that cuts through the darkest nights and most inclement weather. Use it in agriculture, construction, mining, and even off-road environments to help keep your crews productive and safe.

  • Model 893 LED Compact Rectangular Work Light uses a unique low-profile 3”x8” design to project a wide beam of light in the harshest and most limiting conditions. Dependable and brighter than a standard work light (3,700 lumens), the Model 893 can be used in agriculture, mining, construction, and off-road environments. Avoid accidents and keep your team out of harm’s way by upgrading to the optimal illumination solution.

The J.W. Speaker LED Compact Work Light Family is engineered for the most demanding conditions. They are manufactured to endure rigorous requirements for stability and resistance to the elements while also producing powerful flood/trap light patterns to illuminate the darkest work sites—keeping production moving and workers safe. Rated IP67 and IP69K, these compact work lights withstand bumps, thumps and vibrations common when used by rugged users on tough, weather-adverse sites.

To learn more about the new Compact Work Light Family, visit the product page. For the most recent updates on J.W. Speaker, visit www.jwspeaker.com or follow J.W. Speaker on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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