Why Every Motorcycle Should Have Adaptive® 2 Headlights

From the early sunsets and icy roads of Wisconsin to the broad highways of New South Wales, motorcyclists know that wherever there’s darkness, there’s danger.

J.W. Speaker - Why Every Motorcycle Should Have Adaptive 2 Headlights

Adaptive® 2 headlights illuminate dark spots to the left and right of the rider’s main beam while they corner and help motorcycle riders manage the risk of riding at night. We pioneered these groundbreaking motorcycle headlights, designed with turn radius technology to activate supplementary LEDs in real time, where light is needed most.


The benefits of Adaptive® 2 motorcycle headlights have made them an essential element in motorcycle lighting design and manufacturing – as well as the riding experience. Here are a few of the main reasons every motorcycle should have an Adaptive® 2 headlight:

Adaptive® 2 motorcycle headlights make safety a standard, not a feature

Even during the day, motorcycle riders are already subject to some of the greatest riding hazards of any vehicle: road conditions, inclement weather, active wildlife, and other motorists each present a significant liability. Darkness only amplifies those dangers, and standard headlights leave gaping dark zones in the rider’s field of vision where the unexpected can happen.


The ability to see the next pothole, the gravel that skidded across the blacktop, or an oncoming vehicle can make all the difference for rider safety. That’s what makes Adaptive® 2 motorcycle headlights an essential element of motorcycle design and construction.


The Adaptive® 2 Series headlights add the first-of-its-kind intelligence to the high beams, giving riders a punch of illumination that extends 1,500 feet – and pierces those crucial, easy-to-miss dark zones in the periphery of each corner. Adaptive® 2 Series headlights are DOT and ECE compliant, ensuring that every motorcycle fitted with them is up to international road safety standards.

Adaptive® 2 headlights create safer, more confident riders

Riding your motorcycle at night, under a starry sky, can be an amazing experience. When you’re riding at night, you need every available tool to make sure your path is clear and the route ahead of you is safe.


Consider the fact that about half of motorcycle owners in the US are over the age of 60 – by that age, we all need more light to see as well as we used to. Adaptive® 2 headlights give riders more visibility around every corner, no matter their age.


With this increased visibility, riders feel more at home on the road – like they control more of the experience on their bike. That peace of mind matters for today’s motorcycle owners, designers, and manufacturers alike. Safety creates a sense of control; control breeds comfort; comfort creates happiness; and happiness creates passionate, avid riders.

They create immediate, recognizable value

With increasing expectations of quality, scarcity of materials, the price of gas, and higher degrees of performance, the cost of motorcycle ownership is subject to change over time. Additionally, every motorcycle brand defines itself by different features, like speed, efficiency, comfort, or visual appeal, which can drive cost and make proving value a challenge.

No matter what a motorcycle brand sells itself on, it’s easy to demonstrate the value of an improvement that enables riders see better at night. Adaptive® 2 headlights have the impact to improve every motorcycle’s value, like safety, comfort, quality, style, and ease of use. Regardless of the target price range, manufacturers consider the value of each element in terms of the investment a buyer will make– that is, the value they see in making it uniquely theirs.

Adaptive® headlights can be designed to fit almost any motorcycle

J.W. Speaker’s Adaptive® 2 headlights are built for motorcycles on the road today. The Adaptive® 2 Series headlights are designed with a plug-and-play fit and easy installation on a variety of motorcycle models – and of course, they look great, too.


But we also believe adaptive headlights should be the standard for all bikes in the future. Our custom OEM LED lighting design and  manufacturing capabilities mean we partner with motorcycle manufacturers around the globe to design motorcycle headlights for bikes that aren’t even on the road yet.

Adaptive® 2 Series in action with ARCH Motorcycle 2022 models

Our trailblazing belief in adaptive headlight design led to our partnership with ARCH Motorcycle, co-founded by Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger. Our premium Adaptive® 2 LED headlights will be installed on all ARCH Motorcycle units built in 2022, including the ARCH KRGT-1 and ARCH 1s.


Click here to read more about how our partnership with ARCH Motorcycle is adding value to the bespoke production motorcycle company’s unique products.

On a motorcycle, there’s no such thing as too much light – especially at night. Any bike driven in the dark needs a better way to show the rider what’s coming next. Adaptive headlights are the most effective way to ensure quality design, safer motorcycles, and more confident riders.

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