See better, plow faster and drive safer with revolutionary heated LEDs built for the worst winter weather.
See better, plow faster and drive safer with revolutionary heated LEDs built for the worst winter weather.
Don’t be left out in the cold when the next winter storm hits. Reimagine snow removal with industry-redefining SmartHeat® headlight technology. Our heated LED snow plow lights include a patented thermally conductive grid system that adjusts automatically to temperature changes to de-ice the lens twice as fast as other lights.
The Model 9800 Heated LED headlights from J.W. Speaker feature SmartHeat technology to automatically de-ice lneses!
A heated universal headlight for municipal snow plow trucks and other vehicles, the Model 9800 Snowplow Headlight combines four functions — including high beam, low beam, turn signal and front position — in a single, compact package.
Choose the Model 9800 HS Snowplow Headlight for municipal trucks plowing at high speeds on highways in hazardous conditions. SmartHeat® technology on the edge-to-edge lens design helps prevent ice bridging even when traveling at high speeds or in the worst winter weather.
Model 9800 HS LED Heated Headlight Right Hand Front View
LED Headlight Model 9900 RH Low Profile Heated 3/4 View
The Model 9900 LP Snowplow Headlight offers a unique, lower-profile design — making it ideal for a wider range of commercial plows or pick-up trucks. Mount it more ways on more types of vehicles, and take advantage of five functions in a single low-profile package.

Model 234

J.W. Speaker’s Model 234 are the industry’s first LED tail lights that offers SmartHeat® technology to de-ice lenses, enabling year-round use while providing superior visibility, extreme durability and unmatched longevity. The Model 234 lights are also available with flash patters and available in 5 different color options: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and Clear. These flashy lights are guaranteed to command the attention of drivers behind you, alerting them of your next move. They are programmable to 2, 4 and 6 strobe patterns.
J.W. Speaker Model 234 LED tail lights
JW Speaker led strobe light model 274 flash combined

Model 274

Your brake, turn, and hazard lights are critical visual signals to drivers on the road. The Model 274 has multiple different versions so you can add SmartHeat® technology to every side of your vehicle. Powerful and long-lasting LEDs in the Model 274 signal lights give you confidence that your truck or trailer is clear of snow and ice and visible to other drivers. Each 274 signal light is DOT-compliant for legal on-road use and can be installed on your vehicle vertically or horizontally.

Model 670XD

The 670 XD LED work light offers a safety solution including improved light output, glare reduction, and light placement for heavy-duty trucking on-road. With the addition of a SmartHeat® heated lens, you’ll find better and long-lasting visibility in any condition! (Note: Not meant for high-speed plowing.)

LED Work Light Model 670 XD Heated Lens 3/4 View

Model 8800

The 8800 Evolution 2 provides a high performance 4×6″ LED headlight, available with a SmartHeat® heated lens that automatically de-ices headlight according to ambient temperature. This headlight is the industry’s first to meet proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight.

Model 8910

This heated LED headlight – Model 8910 Evolution 2 – is a high performance 5×7″ LED headlight featuring a thermally conductive grid system that will de-ice the lens up to twice as fast as other lights. This intelligent system reacts to temperature changes on a real-time basis with no action required by the driver. It also comes with Dual Burn® high beam optics for an extra punch of light.

The 5x7 Heated LED Headlight 8910 Evolution 2
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