D.O.T. Version EVO J3 Headlight and Trail 6 FAQs Page

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Q: Where can I order the EVO J3 headlights?

A: Click HERE to purchase from one of our Authorized Online Dealers.

Q: I was wondering if these come as a complete set with everything needed to replace my old JK headlights? Does it come with adapters as well?

A: Yes, unless you have a 2017 or newer JK with the factory LED option, in which case you’ll need the adapter ring kit as well.

Q: How does the turn signal get power?

A: Coming off the headlight harness will be an extended harness that you will tuck down and plug into the Jeep’s factory turn signal plug. Since the factory turn signal will then be disconnected and no longer needed, we’ve created a new off-road light called the Trail 6 that can mount into the hole in the grill with the JK Front Grille Mounting Kit.

Q: Can I use the EVO J3 on my JL?

A: No, at this point, they are designed to work on JK’s.

Q: Will the Trail 6 be a stand-alone light, or will there be a harness to tie in with the headlights?

A: It will be stand-alone, so you have the freedom of wiring it; however works best for you!

Q: I’d like to buy a pair of ECE EVO J3’s and Trail 6’s? Do you make an ECE Version?

A: We have launched the DOT EVO J3 Headlights but don’t plan on having an ECE version of this light.

Q: Are you planning on making J-link app apple car play compatible?

A: Yes, in a future update.

Q: How does the Trail 6 wire up, does it need a relay or switch?

A: For the Trail 6, we recommend a dedicated 10-amp fused line per kit of two lamps depending on your electrical setup that may involve adding a switch and relay as well.

Q: Are any anti-flicker harnesses required to run the J3 lights?

A: EVO J3 has anti-flicker technology built-in for a true plug-and-play experience on your Jeep JK.

Q: I assumed the DRL function was standard; the headlight was advertised with DRL as one of the features. Why doesn’t it work?

A: If the vehicle is not equipped with DRL, these lamps will not add DRL. If the vehicle has DRL turned on, our lights will pick it up, once our permanent solution is in place.

Q: How does the DRL function? Will it work with my non-DOT North American JK?

A: The DRL for Jeep JK’s is accomplished by pulsing the low beam.  There is no separate input to the lamp for DRL.  This being the case, there is no wire to input into the center Turn/Position Optic that will act as a DRL.  Vehicles in Europe have separate DRL inputs with an additional wire.  Without this wire, the DRL always has to go through the low beam, and the center optic is used as the front position only.

Q: Can I add my factory turn signals as well?

A: The blinker in the headlight is already at the top of DOT specifications for how “bright” a turn signal can be, by adding the factory turn signal as well, you are technically no longer on-road, DOT compliant. You will have full headlight + off-road mode functionality if you choose to continue to use the factory turns.

Q: Will cutting and splicing into our harness cause my warranty to be void?

A: Any modification to the product will void the warranty.

Q: What triggers the startup sequence?

A: The unlock button on the keyless remote.

Q: Does the EVO J3 have a separate DRL wire?

A: No.

Q: In the J-Link App, how do you rename a light?

A: As far as giving the headlight a different personal nickname, remove the light from your vehicle (via the app, not literally) then re-add it again to change the nickname.

Q: Why are my EVO J3 turn signals hyper flashing?

A: “Hyper flashing” is known to happen on some Jeeps, and we have created a webpage that goes over some of the common issues. While this was created when we started selling our Jeep tail lights, the information is the same as for the turn signals since they both interact with the turn circuit. In addition to the information on the page, another possible explanation for any hyper flashing is if you spliced in your old turn signals with the new headlights, this could cause an issue.” Click HERE for more information about hyper flashing.

If you are still having issues after reviewing the FAQs please contact your authorized dealer or contact customer service by emailing speaker@jwspeaker.com.

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