Stay Safe During Motorsports Awareness Month

Learn how to protect yourself and others while enjoying your favorite motorsports

Keep up on trail conditions

The first and most important safety tip for any rider is to have a full understanding of the trail/road conditions. Weather, terrain, and the environment can contribute to turning your next run into a great adventure or a serious accident. Of course, it’s tempting to tackle the trails at high speeds, but it makes controlling your vehicle more difficult. High speeds and poor trail conditions make for easy accidents, so always stay up to date on the latest and safest equipment for the best ride experience.

Ride during daylight or use adequate lighting

Darkness is a safety nightmare for riders. Accidents are nearly 3x more likely after dusk than during daylight hours. They’re likely to be more severe, too. Does that mean you can’t enjoy the trails after dark? Not anymore – at least not when your vehicle is equipped with a complete J.W. Speaker 360-degree lighting solution. Our new advanced lighting technology extends playtime hours for motorsports enthusiasts. Set your sights on a brighter, safer path and eliminate uncertain terrain with powerful lighting that you trust. Explore more for a safer ride.

Avoid use around children

We all love motorsports. They’re fun and can be a great way to bond with your family and community. But extreme caution must be taken around children and those under the age of 16. Young adults and children are less likely to understand all the serious dangers and potential consequences that come with motorsports vehicles. In fact, an alarming 1/3 of all ATV fatalities each year occur with individuals under the age of 16. Supervise minors on motorsports equipment to help ensure that they follow the safety guidelines, including driving at appropriate speeds and avoiding unsafe maneuvers.

Safety equipment and technology

The proper safety equipment and technology can help riders stay significantly safer on the trail. Always make sure you have a well-fitting helmet, long sleeve pants and jacket, goggles, gloves boots – and the proper lighting equipment. Safety equipment protects rides against any flying debris – such as dust or small rocks kicked up by vehicles, branches, or plants. Advanced motorsports lighting technology helps riders spot various dangers on the trail faster, so they have enough time to avoid them. You may be a safe driver – but that doesn’t guarantee you will not get into an accident. Severe motorcycle and bike crashes involving multiple vehicles are often blamed on the drivers of four-wheeled vehicles. Fortunately, you can do something to stay safer. Alert other drivers of your presence with the appropriate lighting technology. For instance, our Adaptive 2 Series headlights use on-board sensors and advanced electronics, including gyro meters, to determine a motorcycle’s bank angle in real-time. With that data, the individual LEDs in the headlight illuminate as needed, sending light into the rider’s direction of travel.

Have fun, stay safe

Motorsports are a great way to get out, explore the outdoors, and engage with your community. Just remember the risks that come with it. Make sure that with every ride, you’re following the proper motorsports safety guidelines and encouraging your fellow motorsports enthusiasts to do so too. Double-check that you have the proper safety equipment and an up-to-date license for your vehicle. And then – hit the trail hard and have some fun!

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