J.W. Speaker Adaptive Motorcycle LED Headlights – Science, Not Hope

Good visibility is vital for all motorists, and especially for motorcycle riders.

We are bombarded with science, engineering, and technology today. That’s a good thing, whether we’re talking about medicine or motorcycles. Science can help us solve a range of problems. While it doesn’t completely replace hope and faith in our lives, science can help your customers ride with more confidence. And when they’re bending into a curve on a dark two-lane road, their bright guide should be science, not hope.


Good visibility is vital for all motorists, and especially for motorcycle riders. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that the hours between 6 pm and midnight can be the most precarious for motorcycle riders; the night sky is only one reason for this, but darkness can make riding more difficult. With the Adaptive 2 Series headlights from J.W. Speaker, motorcyclists enjoy improved visibility in any riding situation, especially when cornering.


Using on-board sensors and advanced electronics, including gyrometers, the Adaptive 2 Series headlights determine a motorcycle’s bank angle in real-time. With that data, the individual LEDs in the headlight illuminate as needed, sending light into the rider’s direction of travel. Those well-positioned LEDs aim the headlight’s beam – low or high –illuminating the roadway, ditch-to-ditch as the bike moves through the corner. This increasing illumination fills the space a stock headlight doesn’t reach when cornering. It’s not just about a brighter beam projected farther ahead; it’s about putting the right amount of light where it’s needed.


The science is essential, it makes the improved visibility possible, and it eliminates the need for riders to hope for a clear corner ahead. What makes the Adaptive 2 Series headlights even more valuable? Solid construction and a wide range of fitment options.


With a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum (not plastic) housing, the Adaptive 2 Series LED motorcycle headlights are built for long life. That stout, finned housing helps keep the light cool. The state-of-the-art LEDs don’t produce much heat – compared to a traditional headlight – but unique wiring setups on any of your customer’s bikes could add heat around the housing, and the J.W. Speaker engineers considered all that.


Plus, the headlights include models that fit lots of your customer’s bikes, with plug-and-play wiring setups to replace 7 inch and 5.75 inch round headlights, including pedestal-mount applications for custom lighting solutions. The Adaptive 2 Series headlights are motorcycle-specific designs, not just repackaged automotive lights. Fitment is broad across the Harley-Davidson model line, as well as metric manufacturers, including Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, BMW, and more.


J.W. Speaker added its ComfortLite® high beam technology to the Adaptive 2 Series lights, increasing the effective lumen output by more than 50 percent while directing illumination above the horizon as well as down the road.


For 85 years, J.W. Speaker Corporation has designed and manufactured high-performance vehicle lighting products from its headquarters in Germantown, Wis. For your street-bike customers; the Adaptive 2 Series headlights deserve a closer look. The science is real as well as quite possibly life-saving.

About J.W. Speaker

J.W. Speaker is focused on developing innovative, high-performance vehicular lighting solutions for OEM and aftermarket customers around the world. Specialized in LED and other emerging lighting technologies, J.W. Speaker is proud to design, manufacture and assemble products in Germantown, Wisc. For more information, contact J.W. Speaker at (800) 558-7288 or news@jwspeaker.com.

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