New Model 93 5-in-1 LED Headlight Asks, "Why Should Your Headlight Only Offer a Single Functionality?"

Vehicles are versatile – so why should their lighting offer a single functionality? Whether on the job site, on city streets or on the trail, each part should enable your vehicle to do its job better in varying conditions. That’s what led us to create the Model 93, a cutting-edge drop-in LED replacement for industry-standard 90mm headlights in heavy equipment, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, off-road and more.

Five functions. One headlight. Limitless adaptability.

Vehicles and jobsites demand superior lighting. The increasing diversity of traffic on roadways and jobsites alike adds risk for vehicles; low light and congestion can lead to accidents and inefficiencies; and shrinking capacity and labor shortages in warehouses put pressure on material handling to increase productivity and safety at the same time.

In each of these scenarios, it’s increasingly clear that every part of a vehicle must justify its space, weight and energy utilization with versatility and performance – particularly vehicle lighting. The new Model 93 delivers cutting-edge performance by combining five headlight functions in one bright, efficient, plug-and-play 90mm headlight:

  • Low Beams improve visibility up to 250 feet ahead in conditions like darkness, rain, snow, and fog.
  • High Beam for better visibility up to 500 feet ahead, allowing you to operate the vehicle safely at higher speeds.
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRL) automatically turn on when your vehicle is operational and are legally required in most territories.
  • Front Position lights add illumination alongside your headlights for better visibility in day or night conditions.
  • Front Turn Signal functions grab attention and alert oncoming motorists to changes in the direction in which your vehicle is traveling.

The made-in-the-USA Model 93 offers the first-of-its-kind combination of capabilities and lets you get more utility out of every part, save money with its energy-efficient LED technology, and save space with its stylish, feature-forward design. It can even be customized for OEMs who want to add value to their next groundbreaking vehicle project with creative design options.

Functions fit for multiple applications

Because it’s designed to pack uncommon versatility into a standard 7-inch light, the Model 93 is well suited to almost any application, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction and mining
  • Material handling
  • Automotive, including electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Motorcycle and off-road vehicles (including 4x4s and dirt bikes)
  • Mass transit and cargo (like rail, trucks and buses)

Three purpose-built versions of the Model 93 offer the lighting functionality each kind of vehicle needs:

  • On Road (RHT & LHT) Version 5 Functions: LB, HB, DRL, FP, and Front Turn
  • ECE Motorcycle Version 4 Functions: LB, HB, DRL, and FP
  • SAE/DOT Motorcycle Version 3 Functions: LB, HB, and FP

We know what every application needs because we know how light works. Right down to the science and physics of illumination, we’ve discovered how to angle, project and intensify light to help your vehicle see, be seen and cut through the conditions your vehicle will face, wherever it’s used.

Ready to upgrade your lighting? Talk to a J.W. Speaker OEM Specialist.

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