Model 272 CHMSL



See every angle in high definition.



We’ve combined a high-definition camera with a robust center high mounted stop light (CHMSL) LED light bar for safer observation and visibility for your truck. Backup cameras are a standard safety feature on most vehicles, don’t settle for sub-standard image quality.

See every angle in high definition

As part of a 360° lighting solution, J.W. Speaker engineered the Model 272 CHMSL, featuring a compact design and high-quality camera with wide range visibility to make trailering and backing up a breeze. The Model 272 CHMSL is positioned higher than side brake lights, directly in the driver’s line of sight, increasing driver safety, visibility, and deterring rear-end collisions.

The CHMSL light illuminates every time you push the brake pedal, alerting motorists to the driver slowing down or coming to a stop. The camera can be connected to reverse lights to display anytime the vehicle is put in reverse. The camera angle is adjustable to allow for various mounting heights.

The CHMSL can be used with OEM displays or J.W. Speaker options:

– 4.3″ Screen Size with 1- channel

– 5″ Screen Size with 3-channels

– 6m and 10m extension cables are available



Tough design to stand up to shock and vibration. 



Efficient LEDs are guaranteed to provide bright light that commands attention of drivers behind you, alerting them to your next move.



Meets all safety standards, DOT/SAE/ECE compliant for Center Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)

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