Light up your Adventure. Be a Renegade.

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J.W. Speaker has created the first LED headlight specifically for the Jeep Renegade. The Model 8700 Evolution 2R puts a new spin on traditional Jeep® styling and enhances the already rugged design of the Renegade. Model 8700 Evo 2R headlights have bright, white LEDs to light up your drive like no other headlight can, making them safer than standard halogen lights.

The 8700 Evo 2R features our Dual Burn® technology. By combining your high and low beam, the Dual Burn optics provide the driver with both widespread visibility along with a powerful punch of light down the road!

Get ready for your next great adventure with the 8700 Evo 2R LED headlights for the Jeep Renegade.

Custom Made for the Jeep Renegade

Model 8700 Evolution 2R – LED Jeep Renegade Headlights

  • Jeep Renegade-specific electrical compatibility
  • Dual Burn® high beam optics for extra punch of light
  • DOT-compliant for legal on-road use
  • Available in black and chrome
  • Dedicated left-and right-hand versions come in each kit of 2

LED Headlight Model 8700 Evolution 2R Dimensions

What is Dual Burn?

J2 Series Dual Burn & Optic Functions
This technology combines your high and low beam when turning on your high beam.

This provides the driver with both widespread visibility along with a powerful punch of light down the road!

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Installing your Renegade Headlights

We recommend you have a certified mechanic install your Model 8700 Evolution 2R Headlights.

If you feel comfortable with a wrench in your hand, check out our installation video:

Unable to see this video? Watch it on our Vimeo channel.

Find your Local Dealer

We are excited to launch our new LED Jeep Renegade headlights to our dealers!

Use our Dealer Locator to find your local off-road store and get your Model 8700 Evolution 2R headlights today!

If you find a dealer who has not yet stocked these headlights, please refer them to work with one of our distributors.

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