Latest Equipment That Keeps Tow Operators Safe

While the year 2020 created many challenges for the industry, it also brought some great enhancements to help keep tow operators safer and make their job easier.

Model 529 LED Warning Light on Tow Truck

J.W. Speaker’s new Model 529 Big Red Stripe Warning and Safety Light projects a long red line to alert approaching motorists at a far distance.


One of the best options to learn about the latest and greatest industry trends and equipment is to attend a tow show, an annual venue with live demonstrations, shiny trucks and hundreds of products on display. Sadly, the majority of these trade events got cancelled or went virtual in 2020. Tow operators, business owners, manufacturers and suppliers therefore had only limited opportunities to network, engage and discuss solutions to recent industry challenges.


Topics usually discussed at vendors’ booths on the tradeshow floor had to move to online environments, which of course, changed the dynamics in the interactions between suppliers and buyers. Vendors could not offer live product demonstrations to show off some of the new features of their latest equipment, and tow operators could not try them out or ask questions.


“Every day, manufacturers are listening to industry’s feedback and reflect on it when producing solutions to job-related problems.”


Nevertheless, while the personal interactions have been interrupted due to the pandemic for some time, the industry as a whole did not pause. Tow operators never stopped helping stranded motorists and recovering vehicles, just as manufacturers did not stop implementing new ideas for making operators’ jobs easier and safer. The year 2020 saw the introduction of many great products to the market, including the following:


Stressing the importance of workplace safety, J.W. Speaker developed a warning and safety light, Model 529 Big Red Stripe, that creates an attention-getting safety zone to alert approaching motorists at any time of day or night. “If the lamp is mounted eight feet up, it puts a 22-foot-long red stripe on the ground, which is about the length of a mid-sized tow truck,” said Gary Durian, Engineering Director at J.W. Speaker. “It can point straight down to the side of the truck, or you can point out to capture half of the lane.” Durian explained that the flexibility of the product suits all kinds of different needs. The light is anchored to a stainless-steel bracket that resists corrosion and is easy to mount. For extra eye-catching visibility, the Model 529 provides a flash mode in addition to a steady beam of light.


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