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Improved beam pattern and more light output for a better driving experience

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As drivers look to upgrade their vehicle lighting, one of their first changes usually involves replacing older halogen headlight bulbs with brighter LED headlight bulbs. While Xenon bulbs are also a consideration to achieve a brighter output, they unfortunately tend to run hotter and can become dimmer over time. In addition to using less energy and lasting longer, there are many reasons why LED lighting has become an increasingly popular choice in the quest to improve a nighttime driving experience.  


In an effort to respond to customer inquiries about increasing LED headlight output, J.W. Speaker engineers developed our exclusive ComfortLite technology that features an improved beam pattern and more light output for your LED headlights.

Light in all the Right Places

It’s one thing to increase the light output of a headlight, but it’s entirely different to re-engineer a beam pattern for improved performance. Not only does ComfortLite technology provide a more powerful punch down the road, but it also delivers additional illumination above the horizon. If you drive behind LED headlights with ComfortLite technology once, you’ll never go back to using another headlight again.


Depending on the headlight, this new technology can be applied to both high and low beam functions:

High Beam

On high beam, ComfortLite provides illumination above the horizon as well as a powerful punch of light down the road.

Low Beam

When in low beam, this feature provides added foreground illumination to improve rider visibility and conspicuity.

The difference our ComfortLite technology makes on the beam patterns is significant and the dramatic improvement is easily apparent in the following images:

Old High Beam vs. ComfortLite® High Beam

7" Round LED Headlight - Evolution High Beam Comparison

Old Low Beam vs. ComfortLite® Low Beam

7" Round LED Headlight - Evolution Low Beam Comparison

Increased Illumination

To make sure we were delivering the improved illumination asked for in our customer inquiries, we took our ComfortLite high beam to the test against our previous LED headlights and confirmed a BIG increase in lumen output:

Raw Lumens

Output increased by more than 45% with ComfortLite technology

Effective Lumens

Output increased by more than 50% with ComfortLite technology

The Perfect Combination of Form & Function

Some customers love our LED headlights because of their unique look. Others choose them for their superior performance. Aren’t you happy that you don’t have to settle for just one or the other? LED headlight models with ComfortLite technology feature J.W. Speaker’s signature optical design – making them the perfect choice for drivers in search of premium performance and unique styling.

American-Made Quality

While we recognize that overseas manufacturers can offer products at lower prices, you ultimately get what you pay for. When you purchase a J.W. Speaker LED headlight, you’re supporting an American business and keeping Americans at work.


All of our LED headlights are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in Germantown, Wisconsin and our associates take great pride in making each and every LED headlight you buy.

There's One Just Right for You

No other headlight on the market utilizes this optical technology! J.W. Speaker LED headlights featuring our exclusive ComfortLite technology are available in a variety of configurations to meet the various on-road requirements found throughout the world.

Find more information on all of our revolutionary vehicle lighting products here.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your headlights to more powerful LED headlights with ComfortLite technology. Contact your local J.W. Speaker dealer today to purchase a set of your very own!

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