Al Quiring, star of "Highway Thru Hell", on why he chooses J.W. Speaker

Al Quiring from Highway Thru Hell
Al Quiring, Star of TV's "Highway Thru Hell," discussing J.W. Speaker's game-changing SmartHeat® Series.

Al Quiring of Quiring Towing has made quite a name for himself as a Heavy Rescue Operator on Canada’s infamous Coquihalla Highway. Featured on TV’s “Highway Thru Hell,” Al consistently has to work through tough conditions that are proven to be too dangerous for others. He needs to see where he’s going, where he’s working, and because he’s often inches from traffic, he needs to be certain others can see him.


For that reason, Al has outfitted his fleet with SmartHeat® lighting from J.W. Speaker. We spoke with Al about what makes J.W. Speaker lighting different and how it impacts his life. “I rely on those lights. Every single day, every single night. They make me feel a whole lot safer… that heated element in there, I think that’s awesome. I believe those lights help me operate safely and efficiently in really, really challenging working conditions.”


Headlights and work lights tough enough to take on “The Coq”? – That’s the kind of performance you get when you go with the best.

J.W. Speaker Performance

There are a lot of headlight options out there; it can be overwhelming comparing brightness, technical details, lifetime performance, and price. Oftentimes you get what you pay for and risk a light failing on you when it matters the most. Just ask Al.

“I’ve had several of the cheap knockoff lights and I’ve had to replace those quite frequently, but the J.W. Speaker light up top there is very robust. It’s been through hell up on that mountain I can tell you; and zero sign of any failure. And then I got a set of J.W. Speaker headlights, I put those on my truck; and now I could see, after 30 years of driving.”

Headlights that can withstand treacherous weather conditions and allow you to see, ultimately providing a safer drive to get you home. “I couldn’t let Gordy go another mile without buying a set of J.W. Speaker lights for him,” said Al, describing that if you can’t see something, you’re going to miss it. “These lights make me feel a whole lot safer.”


Find out more about how J.W. Speaker Lighting Helps Quiring Towing Survive “Highway Thru Hell”

8800 Evo 2 Headlight Comparison Photo The Model 8800 Evolution 2 with SmartHeat technology, pictured next to a halogen headlight.
Smart Heat LED Headlights Model 8800, 670 XD, 234

Be Safer In The Snow

J.W. Speaker offers a full line of heated LED lights with SmartHeat® technology. Winter weather can cause snow and ice buildup on the outside of lights, reducing visibility. This creates a dangerous situation not only for you, but to others as well.

With SmartHeat technology, each light is designed to automatically de-ice the surface of the lens. Products with SmartHeat provide peace of mind during cold and snowy conditions by maintaining your ability to see and to be seen. Don’t compromise your safety in inclement weather, invest in SmartHeat heated LED lights!

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