A Guide to Choosing and Budgeting for Your First Motorcycle

Thinking about buying a motorcycle?

Motorcycle ownership comes with responsibilities and obligations. J.W. Speaker’s Gary Durian, Engineering Director for Technical Solutions, shared his thoughts for first-time motorcycle buyers with moneygeek.com on why safety is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a motorcycle.

What do you think are the most important factors interested individuals should consider before purchasing a motorcycle?

Safety is at least as important as any other factor of buying a bike. But what we call “safety” is actually a product of a bunch of other factors, like design, fit, lighting, manufacturing quality, component quality, rider operation, road conditions and other motorists (to name a few).


That’s why any factors that influence your buying decision should be considered in light of its impact on safety: Will the aesthetic of your bike (like the size, color, or profile) make you harder to see on the road? Will the design of your lights ruin the overall look of the bike, making it a less enjoyable ride? Motorcyclists only get to influence a few elements of their riding experience, and safety is one that has an impact on every aspect of motorcycle ownership.

Do you have any tips to reduce motorcycle expenses?
Any best practices that riders can apply?

Investing in better parts and accessories usually means a bigger price tag up front, but there really is no substitute for selecting the right parts. Safety-focused components such as lighting reduce risks on every ride and can help decrease cost of ownership, not to mention extending the life of the bike with less risk, repair, and maintenance. Updating your bike with high-quality components can give you the ride of your dreams without sacrificing look, performance, or safety.


Remember that no matter how careful a rider you are, you can’t be careful enough to make up for dark corners or motorists on a pitch-black night. To that end, not all motorcycle lights are created equally: LED lights with bright illumination makes it a cost-efficient standard on motorcycles today, and adaptive lighting can even pivot as you turn to illuminate corners other headlights miss completely. Look for technologies that let you see and be seen better on the road in any conditions.

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