A lot has changed since J.W. Speaker became a lighting technology manufacturer. Vehicles are sleeker. Lights are brighter. And the world seems both larger — yet smaller — than ever before.

But some things remain the same. J.W. Speaker continues its commitment to innovative LED lighting systems. Established in scientific principles and revolutionary design — we’re continuously striving for the next great discovery. We’re still excited with every new product launch. We’re still compelled to impress every customer. And we’re still driven to see more.



Clearly, we understand what’s most important; J.W. Speaker engineers and designers transform the science of light into tangible real-world LED solutions to enhance every driving experience and keep you safer on the road. Because we manage everything — from conception to production — we can meet your exacting demands for performance, as well as our own for perfection.


  • 1935

    J.W. Speaker Corporation founded by John W. Speaker to manufacture tube & tire repair products
  • 1940s

    Supplied the U.S. Military during World War II, including compact folding stoves and tire repair products; Designed & patented the iconic P-38 can openers and Heatab dry fuel

    After the war, shifted focus to manufacturing mirrors and lighting products for trucks and cars
  • 1960s

    John W. Speaker unexpectedly passed away and his son, Jack, became President

    Expanded into lighting on original equipment manufacturing (OEM) for lawn & garden and golf & turf tractors
  • 1980s

    Tim & Jamie Speaker, grandsons of the founder John W. Speaker, formally join the company and became Co-Presidents

    J.W. Speaker became solely focused on vehicle lighting, growing the business with custom designed lighting for agriculture OEM customers
  • 1990s

    Production on first custom headlamp for Arctic Cat snowmobile began, pushing into the power sport market.

    Partnerships with premier OEM customers like Harley-Davidson, U.S. military, and development on custom lighting
  • 2000s

    First LED light with solid optic technology designed, providing a pathway for future product development

    International expansion and growing portfolio of OEM products in the industrial, mining, power sport, and construction markets
  • 2012

    Harnessed experience from OEM products and entered the aftermarket with the first-of-its-kind 7" round LED headlight for Jeeps

    Established distribution channels and expanded product portfolio into the aftermarket
  • 2015

    Launched the world's first Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight™ with technology that automatically fills dark areas of the road when cornering on a bike
  • 2017

    SmartHeat® technology launched in headlights and work lights with integrated lens technology to de-ice lenses, to improve driver visibility and safety
  • 2019

    Released Evo J3™ headlight and Trail 6™ off-road light, both compatible with new J-Link™ mobile app, giving drivers control and customization options for their lights


For 85 years, we’ve reimagined where LED lighting can go for vehicles. Now, we look to redefine the next generation of technology lighting to illuminate a bright path forward. Recently, we broke ground on a massive campus expansion, as we can continue to concept, design and manufacture American-made advanced lighting solutions into the next 85 years.
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