How does SmartHeat® Technology work?

Winter weather can cause snow and ice build up on the outside of lights, reducing visibility. This creates a dangerous situation not only for you, but to others as well. Our line of heated LED lights with SmartHeat® is redefining lighting with its integrated lens heating technology!

What is SmartHeat®?

This technology offers a thermally conductive grid system that will de-ice the lens up to twice as fast as other lights. This intelligent system reacts to temperature changes on a real-time basis with no action required by the driver.

How Does it Work?

Step 1

A SmartHeat® LED light will automatically turn on at startup or when temperatures drop.

Step 2

The SmartHeat® technology uses an internal sensor to sense the current temperature.

  • If the technology senses the temperature to be below the low temperature threshold, the heat will stay on to de-ice the lens.
  • If the technology senses the temperature to be above the high temperature threshold, the SmartHeat grid system will automatically turn off. This keeps the lamp from overheating when facing warmer conditions.

How it Works: SmartHeat technology from J.W. Speaker integrates a lens heater to automatically melt snow and ice.

Step 3

Once the ice has melted and the light has warmed up to meet the high temperature threshold, the SmartHeat® grid system will automatically turn off.


In extreme temperatures facing constant cold conditions, the SmartHeat® grid system will continue to stay on preventing ice and snow from building on the lens of the light.

Due to varying sensor locations on the different products in the SmartHeat® Series, temperature thresholds cannot be measured by outside temperature and will vary between lights.

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