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Invision Sales + J.W. Speaker Put Steady Growth in the Spotlight

Partnership down under hit lofty new heights.

Invision Sales is the exclusive distributor of J.W. Speaker LED products for the Asia Pacific region. Its experienced, visionary team of technical lighting specialists has accrued significant market share in the automotive, mining, public transportation and agricultural industries using a unique blend of state-of-the-art technology, innovative thinking and knowledgeable, responsive support.


Building market share in a previously untapped markets


- Strong partnership cultivated by like-minded visionaries driven to succeed
- Revolutionary, high-quality technology and responsive support
- Customized solutions to meet customers' unique requirements


- Grew road transport market share from 0% to up to 70%
- Significant growth in mining, public transportation, agricultural industries
- Established J.W. Speaker as a premier LED brand

Challenge: Working LEDs into a new market

Wayne Blackman, Managing Director & Founder at Invision, knows a lot about automobiles — and building brands. After starting his career as an automotive electrician, Blackman helped multiple companies grow and expand via his keen marketing and sales skills. So when his upstart lighting distributorship, Invision Sales, began searching for quality work lights to complement its lineup, Blackman was intrigued by a promising and reputable lighting design firm and manufacturer known for high-quality customized LEDs — even though it was nearly 10,000 miles away and had no presence in the Asia Pacific region.

One trip from Australia to Wisconsin — and one handshake later — and Invision Sales was the exclusive distributor for J.W. Speaker in the region.

Solution: Connect with high-quality innovations, highly responsive support

The Invision team of experienced technical lighting specialists canvassed the Asia Pacific region, working
closely with a wide range of customers and applications. Soon, J.W. Speaker lights began to appear on
long-haul trucks, railroad crossings, mining excavators, tractors and more — wherever durable, high-quality
lighting sources were needed to optimize safety and productivity.

When Blackman and his team needed assistance on customer opportunities or insights solving customer
issues, they had direct access to J.W. Speaker’s leaders and engineers — as well as the company’s highly
regarded vertical integration capabilities. Because J.W. Speaker manages the entire process — from concept
and design to testing and manufacturing — it can deliver highly customized solutions quickly and

“We’re a full-service company always in pursuit of the optimal lighting solution for our clients,” said Blackman.
“Usually, one of J.W. Speaker’s dozens of aftermarket work lights or headlights fit the need perfectly. Other
times, we partner with the Wisconsin crew to simulate the customer environment and create a highly
customized solution to resolve a specific challenge.”

Blackman noted that J.W. Speaker lights quickly gained a positive reputation for their high quality, which proved
a sharp contrast compared to competitive lights imported from Asia.

“Australia in particular offers some unique challenges,” said Blackman. “There are vast expansive stretches of
darkness for hundreds of kilometers. If you’re transporting goods across this remote, desolate outback, you
better be sure you have bright, reliable lighting to guide your way and keep you safe.”

J.W. Speaker’s commitment to quality LEDs was ideal for mining applications in Australia, Indonesia and other
areas, where low maintenance leads to high productivity and profitability. Blackman noted that some of J.W.
Speaker’s heavy-duty work lights last for twice as long as competitive brands, which enables night-time crews
to be as productive as crews during the day. 

“But what put us on the map was the LED replacing halogen bulbs in long haul transport,” said Blackman. “In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons we chose J.W. Speaker.”

Because LED bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than halogen bulbs, while staying cooler and using less power, they became popular with long haul transporters who appreciated the longer, maintenance free transports.

Results: The future shines bright

It took J.W. Speaker and Invision Sales less than a decade to infiltrate the Asia Pacific market. Currently, up to 70% of the long haul trucks use J.W. Speaker LEDs. About 15% of the mining market is equipped with J.W. Speaker work lights. And it’s growing as the Invision team shares the benefits of less maintenance and more productivity to mining influencers throughout the region.

In addition, Invision has made great strides in public transportation. About 20% of the region’s municipal buses feature the company’s LEDs. In addition, all Melbourne trams are equipped with J.W. Speaker lights.

From headlights to work lights, Invision Sales has generated buzz and captured market share, which has helped J.W. Speaker become the premier brand for high-quality lighting in the Asia Pacific region.

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