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"No-Go Zone" Lighting Solution Elevates Safety for Glencore Goedgevonden

When safety matters, visibility is key to improving outcomes and ROI


In the mining industry, safety is of the utmost importance. Glencore Goedgevonden JV (GGV) values operational excellence and takes special care to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees. In order to maintain optimum working conditions, GGV needed a safety lighting solution for its pit pumps that would increase visibility and decrease the risk of accidents.


J.W. Speaker Model 793 Safety Lights are built with high-powered LEDs that cast a red, blue or amber “No-Go Zone” warning light onto the ground around the machinery. The lights are powerful enough to make the pit pumps visible from a distance and are the industry’s only UL recognized brand of safety lights. After some consideration, GGV decided to install J.W. Speaker “No-Go Zone” lighting solutions on its pit pumps. As the sole authorized distributor of J.W. Speaker lighting solutions in Southern Africa, FloSolve was proud to assist GGV in the supply and installation of the Model 793 LED Safety Lights.


After installing the J.W. Speaker lights, GGV noticed improved visibility which helps keep operators visible and safe. Increased visibility at the work sites also reduced the risk of accidental damage to mine pumps and vehicles. The rugged, weather-proof design of the warning lights provide excellent thermal management, making it the ideal lighting solution fit for GGV.

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