Strobe Lights – Model 400

5" Round Strobe Lamps

Is safety a concern on your worksite? If so, you should consider using a strobe light like the Model 400. This 5″ round strobe light makes equipment more visible – ultimately helping to prevent accidents and increase safety in the workplace.

Made in USA
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LED Strobe Light Model 400
LED Strobe Light Model 400 LED Strobe Light Model 400 Amber Lense LED Strobe Light model 400 Clear Lense


LED Strobe Light Model 400 Dimensions

Part Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionSpec Sheet
3148681 Part 3148681 Replacement Flashtube for Model 400, 401 & 537 Strobe LightsDownloadPDF
4429681 Part 4429681 Replacement Lens for Model 400 & 401 Strobe LightsDownloadPDF

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