New & Improved LED Jeep Fog Lights!

J.W. Speaker LED Jeep Fog Lights Model 6145 and LED Tail Lights
GERMANTOWN, WI, August 4, 2015 – J.W. Speaker has released an upgraded version of their LED Jeep Fog Lights, now available for aftermarket purchase.

J.W. Speaker launched the original versions of the Model 6145 & 6150 LED fog lights back in 2013. The Model 6145 retrofits OEM and aftermarket bumpers with stock mounting configurations, while the 6150 features a universal pedestal mount. Shortly thereafter, Chrysler began using a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal on fog lights, causing LED fog lights to flicker.

“J.W. Speaker has solved the PWM issue by developing anti-flicker technology that’s integrated into the lamp itself,” said Michael Stockel, Director of Aftermarket Sales for J.W. Speaker. “The off-road 4×4 market has long been a focus for us, so we’re especially pleased to be the first company in the world to produce LED fog lights which feature best-in-class solid optics and solve the PWM issue for Jeep owners.”

The Model 6145 J Series LED Jeep fog light, like its predecessor, retrofits stock fog lights mounting configurations in OEM and aftermarket bumpers. The pedestal mount on the Model 6150 J Series works on a wide range of vehicles, but the integrated anti-flicker technology makes it ideal for placement anywhere on a Jeep.

The Models 6145 J Series & 6150 J Series LED fog lights are part of an innovative, JK-specific lighting package that enables owners to fully outfit their vehicle from front to back in premium performance J.W. Speaker LED lighting. LED headlights, taillights, and auxiliary lights are launching this Summer.

J.W. Speaker is attending the 2015 SEMA Show this year, located at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The Models 6145 J Series & 6150 J Series LED Fog Lights will be displayed in a 2015 Jeep Brute in their booth, #32311 in the Upper South Hall, as well as the New Product Showcase. The SEMA Show will be a great chance to see the full line of new Off-Road 4×4 LED lighting in action!

To learn more about Models 6145 J Series & 6150 J Series please visit J.W. Speaker’s website:

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