A New, Bigger and Better Blue Safety Light

GERMANTOWN, WI, August 19, 2015 – J.W. Speaker is proud to announce a new, significantly larger, and more powerful take on their innovative blue safety spotlight! The new Model 523 BLU LED safety light is designed to project a bright, blue spot pattern to serve as a visual warning and promote increased safety around vehicles and equipment.

Designed for use on cranes and other large equipment, the Model 523 BLU spotlight projects 49,500 candelas of bright, blue light that measures 1 meter in diameter when the light is mounted at a height of 15 meters. The rugged mounting bracket features indexed aiming hubs which allow for very precise aiming adjustments which lock in place, making it an excellent choice for applications where shock & vibration are present. This portable LED safety light is constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing and is sealed to IP67 for complete protection from dust entry and water immersion up to 1 meter.

The Model 523 BLU LED safety spotlight is ideal for any application where highlighting specific areas or zones around equipment with a visual warning device will increase safety.

To learn more, please visit J.W. Speaker’s website: https://www.jwspeaker.com/products/led-construction-work-light-model-523-blu/
LED Safety Light Model 526 BLU 3/4 View LED Safety Light Model 526 BLU Front View LED Safety Light Model 526 BLU Side View LED Safety Light Model 526 BLU Back View

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